👋 Hi Dave here, I'm the creator of Pingy

😞 Unfortunately, after months of beta tests I failed to find enough paying customers to justify continuing work on Pingy full-time.

So, what now?

Code, Share & Ship Websites. Simply.

Quicker client feedback and website iterations. No more configuring build tools. No more setting up servers. No more messing with the command-line.

All Your Sites In Your Menu Bar

Simple UI

Pingy gives web designers a simple and complete UI for creating, sharing, and deploying websites.


It includes everything you need to go from concept to prototype to deployment. And best of all, no command line required.


Live Reload Your Changes

As soon as you hit save in your text editor you will see any changes happen live in the browser.

Just Works, No Configuration

No Gulp/Grunt/Make scripts, no configuration. Pingy uses conventions and sensible defaults instead.

Batteries Included

Pingy includes Sass, Less, Stylus, Jade, Babel & Coffeescript with more coming soon.
Sourcemaps? Minification? Yes!

Live Share

Swipe right to share your site instantly with a public URL.

A Live Share let's anyone browse your site exactly how it is on your computer.

If you make a change to the site then anybody browsing the live share will see the update applied immediately.


Live Shares are created instantly. No waiting for uploads or syncing because Pingy hosts the site live from your computer.


Live Shares are safe & secure. They don't expose your IP or any information about your computer. You can also password protect them if you like.

Mirrors Local Site

A Live Share lets you share the site exactly how it is on your computer. You make a change locally and it will live reload.


Swipe left and your site is minified and uploaded to our super-fast, global, secure Netlify CDN.

All of your redirects, custom HTTP response headers and error pages will be deployed too.

Pingy includes unlimited deployments on unlimited sites for free. Yes, really!

Worldwide CDN

Our Netlify-powered global CDN provides top of the line features including smart caching, one-click SSL and HTTP/2 without any configuration.


Bring Your Own Domain

Pingy allows you to easily use your own custom domain (e.g. www.mysite.com). You can provision an SSL cert for your custom domain in one-click.

Unlimited Sites

Unlimited Sites and unlimited deployments. Even if you cancel your Pingy subscription we'll still keep your existing sites online.

Friendly Configuration

  • Our simple UI allows you to easily configure:

  • Compilation, minification and sourcemaps

  • HTTP response headers

  • Redirects & API Proxies

  • Password protection on Deploys and Live Shares

Create, Share and Deploy Unlimited Websites.

  • Mac/Windows app for managing, tagging and organising all your sites.

  • Secure Live Share lets client browse your site exactly how it is on your computer.

  • Zero configuration compilation. We support Sass, Less, Babel, Stylus and CoffeeScript. More coming soon.

  • No command line. Pingy is a menubar app. No need to install Node.js or run terminal commands.

  • Source maps help you keep your client-side code readable and more importantly debuggable, even after you've combined and minified it.

  • Simple UI for doing previously complicated server stuff like redirects, headers and even API proxies.

  • One-swipe Deploy. No more messing around with FTP or SSH. No worrying about cache invalidation or SSL certs. Pingy just works!

  • Our friends at Netlify have built a robust worldwide CDN that ensures your site will be fast and rock-solid anywhere in the world.

  • Your custom domains (e.g. www.mysite.com) work perfectly with Pingy. You can even provision a free SSL cert in one-click.

  • Don't want to use our free worldwide CDN? No problem, you can export your minified site to a folder.

  • Hook up forms without writing a backend. Just add the pingy property to your form and Pingy will collect form submissions.

  • Want to keep your Live Shares or Deployed sites private? Pingy allows you to easily add password protection.